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Chattanooga, Tennessee is truly a special place to live and visit. It has a laid back, easy going atmosphere mixed with outdoor adventure, cultural charm, and historic significance. But it's the city's natural and geographic beauty that makes it so attractive. Known as the "Scenic City", Chattanooga provides its residents and visitors with mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and more. There are plenty of amazing places to go visit all around the city, but many of us desire a nice, cozy area in our own backyard to enjoy. The way these backyard spaces are used and the features they include is known as outdoor living. Often referred to as outdoor rooms, they should be considered exterior extensions of the home. They provide homeowners with well-defined spaces (typically in the backyard) to entertain, relax, cook, eat, play, and more. They become expressions of the homeowners with furnishings and decorations, much like rooms inside the house.

It is important to establish different zones and uses when planning outdoor living rooms. Large areas need to be broken up into smaller pieces based on function. Most designs have areas for leisure and dining, but some may include cooking and recreation as well. The type of uses will be based on your individual wants and needs, while the size and shape of the spaces will be determined by the property. Seat walls, plants, furniture, and structures can help to create visual separation of the different areas.

So outdoor living is a general term that refers to a wide variety of uses which can include simple patios with fire pits and pergolas or extensive pools with fireplaces and covered pavilions. The way your outdoor living space is designed is based on your lifestyle, needs, desires, budget, and property. Popular features include paver patios, fire pits or fireplaces, seat walls, kitchens, pergolas, and pavilions to name a few. Landscaping, retaining walls, water features, and other structures further help define the outdoor space while adding charm and function.


There are many ways that customized outdoor living can benefit you. Simply put, you are more likely to be outside if you have a convenient, usable space to enjoy. Research shows that spending more time outside can increase health and reduce stress. In fact, throughout history gardens and outdoor spaces have been used for health reasons. Exposure to sun and trees may boost your immune system, decrease depression, and promote good eye vision. Having a quiet place of refuge to read or listen to nature allows you to decompress from the stress of everyday life.

Outdoor living is important for the whole family. Being able to easily and comfortably keep an eye on your kids while they play will encourage the family to all be outside together. And being outside together with family and friends encourages healthy social and cultural patterns, especially for kids. Furthermore, children are physically and mentally healthier when they spend more time outside.

When designed successfully, outdoor living rooms can increase property value, as well. It expands your house much more affordably than building an actual addition. These outdoor spaces offer a wide range of uses for potential buyers. The use of quality, good looking materials and the additions of special features will certainly set your home house apart from others.

Appropriately designed outdoor living rooms will make your yard a nice place to entertain, play, and relax. Whether you want to add a small patio around a fire pit or install a large pavilion with a kitchen and fireplace, Full Circle Land Design is here to help you with your outdoor living project. We will work diligently to create the perfect outdoor oasis that fits your individual needs and desires. Let us exceed your expectations and call us today to get your outdoor living project started!