My dad was Director of Landscaping at a high-end golf resort for over 20 years and my mom taught for over 40 years at a private high school. So it is no surprise that I have followed a career path that embodies the love for nature of a landscaper and the meticulous imagination of a teacher. After acquiring my Masters in Landscape Architecture at Clemson University in 2010 I started working at a small landscape company as a basic laborer. I quickly worked my way up, gaining applicable knowledge in the field and eventually becoming General Manager. My wife and I moved from Charleston, SC to Chattanooga in the summer of 2016 in order to be closer to family. I started Full Circle Land Design in April of 2017 and we have been going strong since!

Our Philosophy

Why Choose Full Circle Land Design?

At Full Circle Land Design we are well aware that there is a need for honest, reliable contractors that provide quality work at a fair price. We are committed and passionate about each and every project. We believe that preparation along with hard work and a positive attitude are the keys to success.

Full Circle Land Design has been providing landscaping services for Chattanooga area residents since April 2017. Owner Kevin Shealey was inspired to do landscaping work when he was young by helping out his father. Kevin later attended Clemson University and got his master's in landscape architecture. After graduating, he worked for a landscaping firm for a few years before starting Full Circle Land Design.

Between Kevin's education and our combined experience, we're capable of tackling any type of landscaping project. Whether you want us to create your landscape from scratch or just install a few features, you can trust us to turn your yard into a personal oasis.

Count on us to create a beautiful landscape. Contact us today to explore your options with a contractor.