The Design Process

At Full Circle Land Design, we feel that a well-executed design is key to creating a landscape or outdoor living space that adds quality of life and value to your home. The design process, thus, is a critical step that should integrate your needs and lifestyle with our knowledge and experience. Each project is treated differently for a truly custom-tailored design that will fit any style or budget.

After the initial discussion over the phone, we meet with you at your home or business to go over your vision, review your goals and needs, and identify any possible issues. We can also discuss budget at this time, if necessary. This on-site meeting not only allows us to meet each other but is also a good opportunity to collect pertinent information for the design, such as measurements, grade changes, sun exposure, etc. We may also take photos of the existing site conditions. Before we leave, we will discuss whether you prefer a simple 2D plan drawing or a life-like 3D design based on the project size and scope of work. Keep in mind that the design fee is credited back if you approve the installation estimate (see details below).

The information we gather from our site analysis is used to organize your objectives and translate them into actual landscape features. For instance, you would like to block the view of your neighbors, so we suggest a line of large evergreen trees. This step is important in creating the basic framework of your new design. It starts as a conceptual hand drawing and evolves into the final proposed design. Depending on the size of the project we may go over the conceptual plan(s) with you before we get into the detailed design. That way we can be efficient and make sure we are on the right track.

The more detailed design requires us to gather research on plant material, potential features, materials, etc. to create a cohesive and thorough plan for you that is not only beautiful but practical as well. Landscape designers often refer to the fundamental principles of landscape design to help us through this phase. The landscape design principles include proportion, order, repetition and unity (for further reading click here). The final design sometimes involves several renditions, with your feedback being a vital component of its development. The final design is presented as a legible plan with all plant material and landscape features clearly labeled. In some cases, a 3D visual walk-through is included for an additional charge. Check out an example of one of our 3D design walk-throughs here.

Once we finalize the design, we formulate a detailed estimate for the installation. Larger projects can be broken down into phases, which our team is here to help you determine the best course of action. The installation is scheduled once the estimate is approved and a deposit is provided by the homeowner.

Take a glance at some of our designs here.

Design Fee

Our design fee covers time and material for on-site analysis, consultation, research, and design for the agreed scope of work

  • Includes minor adjustments and revisions; Full Circle Land Design holds the right to determine if any rendition(s) lends itself to additional compensation.
  • Design fee is rebated at final payment of installation contract where design fee is 10% or less of the contract. Installation proposal must be accepted by customer within 6 months of proposal date.
  • Example: A $350.00 design fee is rebated on a landscape installation of $3,500 or more.
  • Design fees are due upon invoice of the design unless the proposed work has been accepted and a down payment has been received.
  • Turnaround is 1-3 weeks depending on time of year.